Monday, December 16, 2013

Maternity Photoshoot in Singapore Botanic Garden

On December 15, 2013 our friend Frank and Charis offered to take our baby bump pictures.  We can't exactly afford to have professionals and we are so blessed to have friends whose hobby is photography and are willing to spend time to take pictures of us.  I think they did really well and the pics came out so lovely and more than I could ask for.  I think it looked super professional!  What I really like is that it wasn't so awkward or uncomfortable because we know each other.

Of course Bayu and I aren't models and posing doesn't come naturally to us :P  When Frank agreed to set a day to take our pictures I started pinning pictures to get ideas for props and poses on Pinterest.  Boy was it a life saver!  You just gotta love Pinterest!

Here is my board where I got the ideas and poses from.  I give credit to all these pictures.

Here is my board with the results of my own personal pregnancy photoshoot. :D  OR you can just scroll down to see the pictures here...

Also,  I must add my outfit is from Spring Maternity.  They are my favorite maternity and baby store here in Singapore.

This was taken at Singapore Botanic Garden - a beautiful park.

Presenting 'Baby Bump Photoshoo @ 30 Weeks'

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